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Splendid Automobiles Inc. has developed relationships with a wide spectrum of facilities that can provide our valued customers with reliable and dependable support during the ownership of their newly purchased vehicle. This suppport includes scheduled maintenance, wheels, tires, performance upgrades and accessories.


All of our vehicles are carefully selected. Once added to our inventory they are further inspected by independent experienced mechanics. All areas of the vehicle are considered and the vehicle is serviced as needed. Every effort is made to ensure that vehicles are free of mechanical defects and are brought as close to original condition as possible.

We also offer third party warranty plans that vary in nature and length of coverage. These warranties are transferable and valid at a wide network of service facilities across North America.

Some of our newer vehicles have the balance of the factory warranty still in effect.

Leasing and Financing

A wide range of leasing and financing options are available for most of our cars. Please contact us for details.


We sell vehicles locally, nationally and internationally. We offer assistance with preparing the required paperwork and making shipping arrangements on behalf of our out-of-town customers.